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Sweet Claims Company (SCC) founded in 1950 is a diversified company providing insurance adjusting and risk management services to insurance companies, self insureds and purchasers of unbundled claim service. Our staff has a determined commitment to more personalized service, offers reliability and expertise. This commitment, united with our philosophy of partnership, has enabled us to develop and retain numerous long term client relationships.

We provide our clients with immediate response through our seven day per week twenty-four hour toll free 1-800-604-9268 service. Our reports are based on over Fifty years of experience. All claims are handled by professional claims administrators, adjusters, investigators and appraisers within their related fields.

SCC manages many property and casualty exposures and services:

  • Adjustment and/or evaluation of first and third party claims
  • General Liability
  • Products Liability
  • Third Party Claims Administration Programs
  • Litigation Management and Structured Settlement Services
  • Property including full appraisal and business interruption services
  • Heavy Equipment Appraisal Services
  • Construction Claims
  • Auditing
  • Automobile & Truck Liability Claim Handing & Investigation
  • Subrogation Services
  • Environmental Claims Investigation and Remediation
  • All phases of building construction and contents
  • Fine Art Losses
  • Jewelers Block

Many service providers can deliver claims handling service. What separates SCC from other companies is our vision of total claims management. We have developed strategies that lead to consistent results. Our commitment to delivering the most service oriented and professional products possible to our clients continues to pay dividends in the form of reduced costs and faster claim resolution.

We have developed flexible strategies that can be tailored to the needs of each client. Through this commitment we would like to put these strategies to work for you. We would welcome the opportunity to tailor our services to suit the specific requirements of your company/clients.

At Sweet Claims Company we believe in partnering with our clients to achieve total claims management, not just claims handling. Our strategies are designed to eliminate inefficiencies and contain costs.

Quick Claim Resolution
The longer a claim stays open the more it will cost. Our strategy is to investigate the situation in a timely fashion with one eye on closure at all times. For maximum cost containment, making the right decisions on claim dispositions is critical to our process.

Best Practices
We have developed a set of best practices as a road map to success. These practices are the principals that we use in managing the claims process and are used as a guide in our comprehensive claims management strategy. Our success in properly managing claims is dependent upon our adherence to these practices.

Partnership With Clients
Our approach begins and ends with the client. We realized long ago that no one understands a client's business or areas of concern better than the client. We custom fit the program to involve the client in the claims process. This encompasses everything from selection of legal counsel and experts to settlement evaluations.

We are committed to managing the cost of claims by delivering a pro-active claims program. We submit to you qualified personnel and all resources necessary to the operation of a successful claims program.

Sweet Claims Company is the industry leader in quality, experience and service. Any cost comparison involving these qualities will place Sweet Claims Company number one.